Friday, August 28, 2009

Wound Care Lessons

Today Judy and I learned what we are to do, to take care of Danny's injuries. When he is released from the hospital, he will be staying with us until he can take care of himself. Part of that care will be assisting him with changing his bandages daily. Up to this point we've seen only his face and head. Today we observed unwrapping and re-wrapping his wounds. On parts of the re-wrapping we also assisted. Danny is hurt pretty bad on most areas of his body either from the burns or from the donor sites. His ears are especially tender and sensitive.

The wound care takes a lot out of him physically and emotionally. He's tensed up the whole time even while on pain medication. The wound care is at least half an hour with four people working on him. As we were finishing up with the wrapping, the physical rehab gal asked him if he wanted to go through his rehab routine. He told her that he may as well, and for another 45 minutes he peddled, stair stepped, stretched legs muscles and climbed a flight of stairs in the hospital stair well twice, then walked back to his room where dinner was waiting.

He is now on an eat anything he wants level. For dinner they brought him lasagna, mashed potatoes w/gravy and either pureed peas or beans, not really sure. He ate well with not much trouble swallowing, thought he still needs to be careful. Since they took the feeding tube out of his nose he swallows, and talks better and also has a better appetite. In the future have him tell you about taking the feeding tube out. Following dinner, Danny got the chills and requested some warm blankets to put on him in bed. As he was getting warmed up, we said good bye until tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. when we will be back to help with wound care again.

One aspect of Danny is now back. His sense of humor and occasional wise cracks came out a few times. This is the first day I've seen him where he hasn't been totally depressed and dark. I went away feeling very good about how he's doing. He may be starting to see there will be hope for a happy future.

Most of you probably already know he can text with you, so that is still your best way to communicate with him at this time.


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