Sunday, August 23, 2009

A very encouraging Sunday

We arrived at the hospital and I went in alone to see if Danny had any visitors while Judy waited in the hall for Wynn and his family. I was surprised to see cubical #25 (Danny's space) was vacant and all the pictures were off the wall. A bed was there, but was all made with clean linen. I started to look around for where they stashed our patient. One room was closed up and all the blinds were shut. It was room 21 and the nurse told me that's where he was. I peeked in to see if he had any visitors but nobody was in there and Danny was asleep. By the time I went back out in the hall, Wynn and family had arrived and I let everyone know of the changes.

Judy and I waited for Wynn, Melissa and any of their children to go in and see Danny. Before they were finished, Andy and Debbie arrived, a bit worn from the party the night before, so we told them to go ahead of us. After they left it was our turn. Danny was awake and doing exercises when I walked in. His voice is just a bit stronger too. That was very encouraging. He has one less tube attached to him now and is more mobile because of it. We watched him eat more than we've seen so far. He had several bites of mashed potatoes with gravy, two 8 oz. glasses of milk and a high protein, high calorie shake. He's almost force feeding himself because he desperately wants that feeding tube out of his nose. He was swallowing much better today without a lot of time in between sips. He's able to operate the controls of his bed well, and now has a decent TV, although I doubt he will watch it much. He dislikes TV about like a toothache.

We were with him for about an hour and he finally was wore out. We left him at that point so he could rest. All in all, we were very happy at how he's coming along. We also watched him do some face and neck exercises. With his attitude I would guess he will be ahead of schedule with his healing.


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