Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday afternoon August 16th

Things are pretty much the same as yesterday as far as eating, drinking and sleeping. He's only able to stay awake for ten or fifteen minutes. Danny's attitude seems about normal for his situation. He's fighting and doing his best, but the progress is slow for him I'm sure. He's more accustomed to getting things done quickly when he puts his efforts toward something. I know he would like a quicker recovery but this is beyond anything we've ever been through. Patience is the foremost lesson being learned here.

He has made progress in several different areas. He now has full range of motion with his arms and is able to assist him self with a few tasks. When we arrived today, the staff had him out of bed and standing for a few moments. The last thing new is the gloves he is now wearing, which is a change from yesterday.

Not much other than that to report. Andy and Debbie showed up at about 6:00, so we left our patient in their care.


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  1. Thank you for the updates, they are much appreciated as I check this blog daily, or even more often.