Monday, August 10, 2009

Slight disappointment for Mom and Dad

Today, Judy and I were hopeful that we would walk in to see some improvement in Danny's condition. We were sort of expecting his respiration at a lower number so his breathing tube would be closer to removal. We were hoping for the number to be under 16. I'm not sure what those numbers represent, but 12 is the goal to get the tube taken out. He's still at 16 and they don't want to reduce it quite yet.

Danny's blood sugar levels are not as they should be either. Apparently they were elevated during the night and then dropped under what is needed. Anyway, it was a little setback, for us anyway. When hopes are up and the desired result is not realized, well you know how it goes.

This paragraph is a later addition, posted at 3:00 am Tuesday morning:
I forgot to mention that the bandages were taken off Danny's arms today. The skin grafts were successful, so that is a big positive for the day. This got overshadowed in our mind by the lack of good news with the breathing tube. Sorry to have let it slip by.

We've started coordinating a visiting schedule among Catherine, Andy, Debbie and our selves. It will change on a daily basis as our personal obligations permit. I learned that today Catherine was reading a book to Danny, and read a chapter then asked if she should stop. Danny shook his head no. So Catherine continued reading. It could be that he just likes to hear someones voice rather than silence, or he was actually listening to what was being read. I have a feeling that it could have been that it was Catherine doing the reading and hearing her voice made him feel better. I read a short article out of today's Ogden newspaper. I didn't get much of a reaction after I finished, so you can draw your own conclusions from that.

We watched as they repositioned him in the bed. He seemed to have the leg fidgets and was twitching and moving both legs. After they had moved him he seemed to feel better. As we stood by the bed, Judy said she was too warm in her plastic gown, at that point Danny nodded yes, meaning he was warm too and so our attendant brought a fan around and turned it on to blow across the bed. He also wanted the sheet taken off him so it would be cooler. We took a break and came back later only to find him with his eyes open. That was the first time we've seen that. He's had his eyes open for other people, but it was our first time. I think he's not quite able to focus or the sight is blurry because of salve that may have gotten into his eyes from the eyelids. It's a helpless feeling not to be able to do something for him.

It was the first time we had seen the posters up on the wall which were made during the party yesterday. Looking at the wall and cupboard doors with all the decorations is a cheery addition. We told the staff that the picture on the calendar was Danny on the beach in Costa Rica. They thought that was quite special. Thank you Ian.



  1. Thanks for the wonderful updates, we have yet been up to visit, while we do plan on coming, we love hearing about the improvemnts he is making as well as all the people that love and adore Danny. Our thoughts and prayers are with Danny and family and friends, near and far. Danny is a truly amazing person inside and out. Love ya Danny Boy

  2. The posters and decorations look amazing Debbie. You really did a nice job helping to boost everyone's spirits. I am sure Danny will appreciate the art. Keep staying strong, you are doing a great job. Thanks for the updates Jan and Judy, as our thoughts and good wishes are with you here in California.


  3. This is a good time to bring part of a previous comment by Trish forward. She posted the address of the Medical Center and how to get cards to Danny, which I will now repeat for anyone that may have missed it.

    Danny Erickson
    University of Utah Hospital
    Burn Center (Station #4)
    50 North Medical Drive
    SLC, UT 84108