Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 4

Yesterday, Danny's mother and I traveled to the U Med Center to see Danny's progress. As we got to station #4 (Danny's cubical) we were both very surprised at how much Danny was looking more like himself. The swelling had significantly decreased. His profile was getting more normal and recognizable.

As we arrived, his attendant told us that she was quite sure he was aware of our presence and that we could talk to him and he would know who we were. Judy began talking to him and touching his right hand where it is uncovered. I finally got my gown and gloves on and stood by his left side and spoke. When I told him hi, he jerked a little bit like he was startled. Whether I was the cause of that or it was some other reaction, I don't know.

We saw a diagram of his burns and the worst (3rd degree), are on his arms and then his nose, with a few small spots on his legs. The first surgical grafting will be to his arms. Once the procedure has been done, he will need to remain immobile for three days for the skin to survive. They will keep him sedated during that period. The nose won't be done for several weeks. Facial skin is much different and unpredictable, so a waiting period will be necessary to determine how to proceed. All the second degree burns will be left to heal themselves. How Danny will scar is also unpredictable. The way burnt skin heals depends on each individual.

Next week Danny will be awake and should be talking. The wall of his cubical is beginning to fill with decorations. Catherine's children drew some art work which was the first to be posted on the wall. Of course I had to add something of my own and then Catherine also added some photos of her and Danny. The staff was pleased about that because they could see what Danny should look like. In a week or so, visitors that would like to talk to him and get a response back, will be able to see him two at a time. This Sunday, we will be praying and fasting in his behalf.



  1. My mom's been buggging me for this and I figured someone else out of town may want to send in cards....I'm posting it anonymously b/c I can't figure out how to do it normally---Trish

    Danny Erickson
    University of Utah Hospital
    Burn Center (Station #4)
    50 North Medical Drive
    SLC, UT 84108

  2. This is great Trish,

    It's good to have a committee to think of all these things. Any other ideas are most welcome.


  3. Thanks for the address.... Do you know if they are allowing ballons and flowers or being it the ICU those are not permitted???
    Emily Brown
    SWB Construction Inc.

  4. Greetings Emily,

    In answer to you question on balloons and flowers, balloons yes, flowers no. Sorry, but because of possible allergies to the flowers they are not allowed.

    Judy (Danny's mom) suggests waiting at least a week from this present date to send balloons, because Danny won't be fully awake until then. Balloons have that tendency to deflate after a while. There is plenty of time to get those things to him because he will be there well into October.

    Thanks and best wishes,