Saturday, August 29, 2009

get me out of here (from Danny)

Andy and Debbie were here tonight and we decided I should get up and walk around the unit just to get my legs some exercise. We got half way around the little track and my nurse Jessie said we should hijack a wheelchair and go outside. It was nice to get some fresh air, plus I am fairly unaware of where I am. I now have a little bearing of my location in the universe. It's nice to see they brought me to the ultra plush hospital. Valet Parking, are you kidding me? That will be well used over the next months/years that I have to come back for therapy and such.

I really want to thank everybody for all the prayers and fasting that I know is what has gotten me through this thing that I'm going through. I know that's why I've had the remarkable success they tell me I am having.

I will try to post as often as I can but everything takes a lot of energy. I love reading all of your comments so keep it up.



  1. Thanks Danny. I was running out of stuff to write about. Today was pretty much the same as yesterday, even down to the mini candy bars.

  2. good to hear from you danny boy! trish tells me she told you the "stand by ticket" story. i know i know...whatever. my boss was about to fire me for leaving anyway so it was fate that i didnt get up there. :) keep up the good work, you'll be out of there in no time. plus i can always come steal you and drag you down to the desert/hell and your nurses wouldnt know where to find you. i wouldnt even make you do physical therapy. you could just eat candy all day. but only mexican candy. none of that american crap. ;)

  3. Danny, I'm not sure if you will remember us, but you painted our basement a couple of years ago in the Mountain Vistas Neighborhood. When we heard of your accident, we felt terrible. We have been following the blog and we are glad to see the amazing progress that you have made. Keep up the great work!!!!
    Rod and Tonya Stout

  4. Danny boy!!!! I missed a day of reading and now you are writing post and preparing for a trip home! We think of you often. When you are home and ready for some red iguana, I will bring you take out. We were hoping to make it to the hospital to see you but and even better visit would be at home kickin it. love ya Danny boy.

  5. Danny! I have been thinking about you, praying and reading your blog every day for the past three weeks, and I am not the least bit surprised that you are breaking all kinds of recovery records! You are an amazing person, but I already knew that :) Keep it up...and know that you are in my prayers and on my mind every day.
    Audra Barrett