Monday, August 17, 2009

Today should be Danny's last surgery

It's 8:40 a.m. as I write this on Monday morning.

Judy and I are leaving early to talk to Danny before his surgery at 10:00. He will be getting tissue replacement on areas of his legs and probably his left hand. We will be talking to the doctor after the surgery and will let you all know how things went.

Once again, your concern and prayers are very much appreciated.


3:15 p.m. Monday afternoon

We went to see Danny prior to his surgery this morning and as usual, he was sleeping. Judy would softly talk to him and he would nod his head yes or no, but he was not really able to wake up for more than 10 or 15 seconds.

One of the attendants said Danny had been walking earlier in the morning. The staff helped him walk down the hall and back to his bed, while staying within the burn unit. This was his first real walking in almost two weeks. His face and head looked much better today than yesterday. During the night, I woke up and was thinking about Danny's ears and how they looked yesterday. I started worrying that some reconstruction may be needed, but when I saw them today there were a few small spots of dark skin and the rest looked fine. It was a relief to see them looking so good after I had talked myself into thinking the worst. His lips and chin still have a dark look to them and I expect that it will change very soon and will be fine.

Now for news on today's surgery. He was scheduled for 10:00 depending on when the doctor finished with the patient prior to Danny. We left the burn unit just before 10:00 and waited for almost 3 1/2 hours before the doctor came to the waiting room. At 1:10 p.m. he came to chat with us and told us Danny is doing well and should be fine. The areas of tissue replacement involved both legs, but primarily the left upper thigh. We were told that any burns on Danny's butt looked good enough to heal on their own. This was very good news, since we had been told early on, that area was third degree and would need tissue replacement. One of the best parts about today's surgery would be that it was not necessary to use tissue from a skin bank. All the replacement tissue was Danny's own and will not be the problem that cadaver skin would be. The doctor also informed us that Danny's arms are doing well and are healing nicely. No mention was made of his left hand, and we forgot to ask.

It was all good news today and even though Danny should not move his legs for the next three days, I believe the worst is over. The task of healing and regaining strength is what's ahead for the next few weeks/months. Danny's primary problem now will be overcoming any nausea and fatigue he'll be plagued with.

After work today, Andy and Debbie will be with him. Then if Danny is awake, Catherine will go see him later this evening. He is well taken care of at this time and I hope that soon he will be well enough to have all his wonderful friends stop by.

Best wishes,


  1. Yay for Danny & Danny's butt!! That's great news all around. Especially that this was hopefully the last surgery since they could use his own skin!! I'll speak for all the friends, that we're all anxious to visit once Danny is ready, and we're so happy he is progressing so well. Now for him to shock the physical therapists by kickin butt there too!

  2. Danny is AMAZING! We know prayers are answered and once again Danny is our HERO with this good news. LOVE YOU DANNY BOY!

  3. It is a good thing that they did not need to graft his butt because they wouldn't be able to get enough skin off of his face for the graft. Get it.