Sunday, August 30, 2009

Almost Home

Last Thursday, August 27th, Judy came home after seeing Danny, and was real excited. She said that there was talk about him coming home on Monday the 31st. It was hard to get our minds around that and we all thought they were premature in this decision. There were only the three of us that knew about this and Danny doubted it more than any of us. That's the reason we haven't published that information until now. He didn't want folks thinking he would be out of the hospital at a certain time and then not have it happen.

After seeing him today and assisting him while we were doing his wound care, it actually looks like a hospital exit will be a sure thing sometime this coming week. The way his injuries are healing is amazing from one day to the next. His physical therapy is also a wonder to watch. He is not anything close to being normal strength wise, but his determination and courage to do what is required is an inspiration to see. He is physically strong enough to be released.

So the possibility of him coming home tomorrow (Monday) is not out of the question. In my opinion, I would say he would not be coming home tomorrow, but then again I'm not making the diagnosis and evaluations. We just really won't know until it happens, but it will be on a day this week I'm sure.

For the burns and injuries he suffered, he is setting records that the hospital staff have never seen before. Counting the day he was injured, today is the 27th day. That first day we were told that it would be a minimum of two months before being released. October 4th was the date we were shooting for and now it looks like he'll be out a day or two before September 4th.

Once again, we see Danny's will to help himself by taking charge as much as possible to improve his circumstances. He needs a comic book written about him and have it called "SuperDan-ny Boy", Super Human! There is one draw back to his remarkable recovery. Other patients will hear of his success and may be disappointed when they are not as far along in the same amount of time.

Today we will be having a family get together at our home here in Kaysville, and since Danny will be unable to attend, we took some potato salad, while Andy and Debbie brought a cheddar brat and regular bratwurst, We had a family party with just us five in his room. Danny ate more than I've seen up to this date, two thirds of the cheddar brat w/bun and spicy brown mustard, along with about half the potato salad.
It was a good party after which Danny got the chills, so he got covered up warm in bed and probably fell asleep until his next physical therapy at 3:00.


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  1. Wow, that is amazing. Quite inspirational to those of us who sit at a computer all day drinking soda and eating Twinkies. At this rate I would imagine that we will be seeing Danny on the slopes this winter!