Monday, August 24, 2009

More milestones of improvement

Judy went to see Danny after she got off work this evening and reports several positive improvements. Danny was swallowing pills today. The nurse broke them in pieces to aid in the process but he is trying to take water through a straw and swallow the broken pills. He lost one of the pill pieces and it worried him that it may have gone down the wind pipe, but he was able to find it and get it down to his stomach. Tomorrow he's going to try drinking from a cup while taking his medication.

It was mentioned that they may turn off the feeding tube tonight to see if Danny will be hungry for real food in the morning. He's having issues with the food that is offered, ya know how that goes in hospitals. He gets pureed everything right now and pureed pork or salmon or beef isn't his thing.

Today was Danny's fourth day of walking to physical therapy. Each time he uses a walker to get there and back. Today after his second therapy session he walked back to his room without the aid of the walker. He must really want out of that hospital! His nurse said it's unheard of to be that far ahead of schedule.

He still tires quickly and needs sleep, although he has a hard time sleeping when he's supposed to, at night. It's required that he wears molded splints on his arms at night and he gets a sort of claustrophobia about not being able to reach things like water or his suction line during the night. His regular nurse will be having days off after today and Danny is not looking forward to that. He especially likes this nurse because he treats Danny very good. We can only hope things work out with the relief nurse.


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  1. I got in to see Danny this morning for the first time in a couple of weeks. Andy was right, what an improvement! It was good to see him talking and moving about. I can tell he is dying to get out of the hospital and is very motivated. He's making great progress.