Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday the 9th of August

Greetings everyone, today was a very positive day at the burn center for Danny and all those who showed up to see him. Probably not as much for Danny because I'm sure he's still confused and unclear of his future.

It was a poster party which was organized by Debbie that occupied some of the visitors and their children during the afternoon. The signs and posters will be attached to the walls and ceiling when we figure out how to get them up there. As each pair took their turn to go in and see Danny, the rest of us visited and talked of common interests, which usually included stories about our favorite patient. Once again we are extremely grateful for everyone taking time to show up at the hospital because of their concern for Danny.

At 5:00 pm, those who had been observing a period of fasting, gathered together to end the fast with prayer. Although a group of about 10 people gathered at the hospital for this event, many hundreds more in other areas of the state and surrounding regions also participated with fasting and prayer. It was a comforting and special moment. The owners of the home which Danny was painting, were with us as we ended our fasting. They are extremely gracious and special people.

Danny's face is starting to turn brown from scab formation. Although it is not a pleasant image, it's a very good sign that he is well on his way to healing. His nose and ears are having that same result. We were very worried a few days ago that nose and ear reconstruction would be a necessary, but now the natural healing of those features seems to be what we can look forward to.

He is still responding to questions and conversation from us visitors. I asked him if all these visitors were too tiring for him and he shook his head no. Then I asked if time was dragging and slow for him. He shook his head yes. Although the staff is taking very good physical care of him, it's hard to know if they are able to converse with him other than the business of his maintenance. He has started to somewhat breath on his own. Tomorrow they will reduce the ventilator and see how he does by himself. If all goes well, they could remove his breathing tube by Tuesday, if not sooner.

Tomorrow (Monday) the bandages come off his arms and they will see how the skin grafting worked. I would like to be there when that happens but no one knows the schedule except the doctor. It will be exactly three days after the completion of surgery at 7:45 pm on Monday.

Danny still has burnt skin which needs replacement, but that won't happen for another ten days or so.

I keep meeting new people coming up to see Danny, and as I witness their concern and interest in his well being, I am impressed by him and how many he has apparently touched with his happy attitude and caring for others. As I finish up here, I can feel everyone's attitude is coming out of the dark and into a brighter place. I pray there will be no setbacks, but as of this time I'm happy with how our friend and son is coming along.

Some of you may be wondering about Danny's house and yard. He has great neighbors that watch out for him and are doing his yard work. (Two of them were there today to see him.) When we left the hospital we went over to Danny's place and when we got there, the sprinklers were on and his grass was looking good. The gal in charge of the lawn watering came over and talked to us. Wonder of wonders, she works on the 5th floor of the U Med Center. She told us she went down and saw him just recently. We have told Danny's neighbors what vehicles to expect to see at his house while he's not there. Any unauthorized ones will be observed and recorded and suspicious activity will be questioned.


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