Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another good day today

I seem to miss the good days when I'm unable to go see Danny. Judy reports that he was doing much better today than yesterday. He was eating better, or at least trying to. He was asking about people that have come by or would like to see him. He was wondering why I wasn't there today, which all these things are good signs that his mind is clearer.

Danny is starting to itch. We all know how it feels when we're on the mend and the owie starts to itch. That's what Danny is starting to go through. I've been told he can reach the itch, but with his gloves on, scratching is not very effective.

That's about it from his parents. We sure hope the improvements just keep rolling in.

Thank you for all the comments in response to these postings. When Danny is finally able to read all of them, it will lift his spirits I'm sure. These comments by you, his friends, are every bit as good as a card or balloons and flowers. As far as Danny needing anything to occupy his time,
eventually he will have his laptop and telephone. Hopefully he will also contribute to this blog.


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