Thursday, October 15, 2009

Becoming Lazy

Before my accident I used to average 5 and 7 hours of sleep per night and some days I would steal a 20 min power nap in the afternoon. Now I am getting between 10 and 12 hours per night. I try to convince myself that my recovery requires the rest for my body to heal. However, I think it has more to do with my new found laziness since I have virtually nothing to do most days. My stretching regimen seems to go better if all the muscles and skin are warm so staying under the covers makes sense, RIGHT?????

It will be nice when my skin has healed enough that I can start wearing sunscreen and can venture out of my vampire cave and out into the sunny world of the Day Walkers. This is the time of year that I usually spend lots of time in the mountains with all the fall colors and cool temperatures, whether I'm on a hike or on my bike or on my motorcycle.
I guess there's always next year.

I did get up a little earlier yesterday to make it to a 9:30 check-up appointment down at University hospital. They say that everything looks good and is healing well, so I guess it's a good sign that the people that only see you every couple of weeks can see improvement. It's hard for me to see the improvement when everything looks the same all day every day.

I do see some progress on my head and face
That reminds me of the other thing that happened at my appointment yesterday which is the measuring of my torso for a compression vest and my head and face for a mask. This is the one thing that I am dreading the most, having to wear a mask every day for the next year. If it's the only way to keep the scars to a minimum on my Beautiful face... LOL, then I'll have to suck it up and do what they say.
As soon as I get my new mask and add the vest to the mix then I will have head to toe compression garments. I Can't Wait :(

I wear a size medium Underarmor shirt as a compression vest right now to help with the scarring not just to look tough...

I am off to the gym now. . . later. . .

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Other burn victims

I'm prompted to write today because of Stephanie and Christian Nielson's appearance this last week on Oprah. We taped it here because we were gone when it aired.

More about Stephanie can be accessed if you Google her name, or go to:

When she came walking out to greet Oprah, she had a spring in her step and acted like she had not been involved in a terrible accident. Her condition had been much more critical than Danny, and because of it was in an induced coma for a considerable amount of time. Danny was sedated for just about a week while Stephanie was sedated for months. Christian Nielson, Stephanie's husband was burned on 30 percent of his body. For most, that will probably seem not too serious, but to the victim and family, all deep burns are serious. Depending on how much was third degree, there are also the areas of harvested skin for the grafts which have problems too.

For me, it always gives support and hope to see someone who has gone through what we have gone through, and is doing so well.
Danny mentioned that he has seen the Nielson's at the burn unit of the hospital. Thanks to Stephanie and her husband Christian for telling their story on the Oprah show.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

October 4th, a significant date

Greetings everyone. Today, Sunday October 4th was the original date given for Danny's release from the hospital. For all you blog readers, of course you know the actual release date was Tuesday September 1st.

He's progressing nicely although slow. Problems have shown themselves that we didn't expect but according to the pros are common.

His newly developing skin, even though it looks rough and thick, blisters very easily. When we have an area that we think is coming along nicely and he removes the pressure garments or other coverings, quite often a blister shows up. It's a discouraging situation even though we have been told it's a normal process. Itching is still a plague he's afflicted with. Some nights Benadryl is the only way he can get relief. We do a lot less wound care than two weeks ago. Fewer things to put on him before the pressure clothes now. We are able to touch the ears without him clinching his fists.

Danny is wearing more stylish clothes lately. We bought him some Under Armor a size too small for the pressure needed to aid in scar management. Last Friday we learned he will be wearing a pressure mask for a year, 23 hours a day. Not something to look forward to. There will be two of them, one a cloth mask and one a clear plastic mask.

Physical rehab is going along well. Danny always feels good after a session of killer stretching, then going through the weight room at the Ogden Athletic Club. His therapist is very good at taking care of Danny. We've learned the stretching routine and are helping do it at home. Danny has a membership at Gold's Gym in Layton and will start going over there on his non therapy days. He's gaining weight back and it must be muscle mass, because he's still very thin around the waist.

Danny has been driving his truck for a week and a half now. It's parked out front of our house and although he doesn't go too far, he's not completely dependent on mom and dad to get around.

At the hospital, they told us to return in two weeks for his checkup instead of one. Another improvement.