Thursday, October 15, 2009

Becoming Lazy

Before my accident I used to average 5 and 7 hours of sleep per night and some days I would steal a 20 min power nap in the afternoon. Now I am getting between 10 and 12 hours per night. I try to convince myself that my recovery requires the rest for my body to heal. However, I think it has more to do with my new found laziness since I have virtually nothing to do most days. My stretching regimen seems to go better if all the muscles and skin are warm so staying under the covers makes sense, RIGHT?????

It will be nice when my skin has healed enough that I can start wearing sunscreen and can venture out of my vampire cave and out into the sunny world of the Day Walkers. This is the time of year that I usually spend lots of time in the mountains with all the fall colors and cool temperatures, whether I'm on a hike or on my bike or on my motorcycle.
I guess there's always next year.

I did get up a little earlier yesterday to make it to a 9:30 check-up appointment down at University hospital. They say that everything looks good and is healing well, so I guess it's a good sign that the people that only see you every couple of weeks can see improvement. It's hard for me to see the improvement when everything looks the same all day every day.

I do see some progress on my head and face
That reminds me of the other thing that happened at my appointment yesterday which is the measuring of my torso for a compression vest and my head and face for a mask. This is the one thing that I am dreading the most, having to wear a mask every day for the next year. If it's the only way to keep the scars to a minimum on my Beautiful face... LOL, then I'll have to suck it up and do what they say.
As soon as I get my new mask and add the vest to the mix then I will have head to toe compression garments. I Can't Wait :(

I wear a size medium Underarmor shirt as a compression vest right now to help with the scarring not just to look tough...

I am off to the gym now. . . later. . .


  1. You are looking awesome and I'm happy to hear that you are still keeping some humor with this process. Maybe the compression vest and face mask will make for an awesome Halloween outfit! ;) Before you know it, you'll be back to your old antics. Best to you in your recovery!

    -Stacey C.

  2. I'm thinking maybe there's a book in the future.......with your evening hours outside...... who knows what type of adventures and people you will meet in the coming months, could possibly lead to great fodder for a best seller!

    Seriously Danny, you are a miracle of miracles, looking at the above pic..........looks like a bad case of measles....just be patient, unpatient one.........this next year is a small blip in the scheme of things.........lots of years ahead to see and do......sleep is good, its helping to re-charge those energizer bunny batteries of yours for the years to come.

    Best wishes

    Jude' Habben

  3. I just read your post to Cody and his response while laughing was, "unless he was camping, then he slept 10-12 hrs." So I'm sure your 10-12 is necessary for your recovery - but you've always had it in you. :)

  4. whatever dude....that underarmor shirt is purely aesthetics.

  5. Hi Danny - While visiting in Utah my family told me about your accident. I asked your mom about you and she filled me in a bit and directed me to your blog. It appears that you are keeping your sense of humor and are healing up nicely! I am sorry about the burns as I am sure it's been an absolutely miserable experience. You should know that my family is hoping the best for you and keep you in our prayers.

  6. Hi Danny, just wanted to check and see how the progress is coming. Looking back at the previous picture before the eye surgery to this one, the improvements are sizeable. I have one question, what do the blisters mean when you remove the bandages???? Take care Danny. Let me know if there is something I can do for you.