Saturday, October 10, 2009

Other burn victims

I'm prompted to write today because of Stephanie and Christian Nielson's appearance this last week on Oprah. We taped it here because we were gone when it aired.

More about Stephanie can be accessed if you Google her name, or go to:

When she came walking out to greet Oprah, she had a spring in her step and acted like she had not been involved in a terrible accident. Her condition had been much more critical than Danny, and because of it was in an induced coma for a considerable amount of time. Danny was sedated for just about a week while Stephanie was sedated for months. Christian Nielson, Stephanie's husband was burned on 30 percent of his body. For most, that will probably seem not too serious, but to the victim and family, all deep burns are serious. Depending on how much was third degree, there are also the areas of harvested skin for the grafts which have problems too.

For me, it always gives support and hope to see someone who has gone through what we have gone through, and is doing so well.
Danny mentioned that he has seen the Nielson's at the burn unit of the hospital. Thanks to Stephanie and her husband Christian for telling their story on the Oprah show.


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