Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A day of negative progress

Wednesday evening.

Dannys legs needed to be unwrapped and re wrapped today. He developed an elevated white blood cell count and fever. The doctor wanted to make sure his legs were alright and thus unwrapped and checked them. They are fine and doing well.

The other possible cause was his artery line which is used for vital information such as heart rate, oxygen level, etc. It's a likely source of infection, and they decided to change it's location from his right chest area to his left upper arm.

All that activity of changing and reapplying bandages and artery lines caused some of the worst pain Danny has experienced during his recovery. He told us that at one point the pain was so intense he passed out.

It's hard to know when he's able to tell reality from his imagination and we were told by doctor Morris this could happen. I want to believe the things he is telling us are factual, but he told Catherine this evening that we didn't stop by today, when actually we were there for a couple of hours and changed the dressing on his ears. He prefers we do it since we take the time to be very gentle and avoid hurting him while removing the old bandages. Although his ears look gruesome with bleeding and scabbing, that is actually a good sign of healing. Over all, Danny's face looks very good. Any swelling is gone and he looks totally normal.

The doctor decided that the staff should administer Danny's pain medications for a few days. Danny wasn't giving himself enough to get proper rest. Although he was medicated this afternoon, he was awake long enough for us to change the dressing on his ears, but by the time we were done, he just wanted some warm blankets on him so he could sleep. He was hoping to sleep until midnight.

Tomorrow will be the third day since his leg grafts. I'm not sure when the weeping liquid will stop coming from the areas of the surgery. It makes the linen wet and laying in wetness all the time is truly maddening. I'm sure it's a mental strain along with the physical discomfort. We can only hope the next day or two will bring improvements over these trials.



  1. Thank you so much for all of the updates. We check them daily, usually several times, just to make sure we don't miss anything. Hopefully they will be able to take out that central line soon and he will not have to suffer with it any more. We are thinking of him constantly and can't wait to see him when he is well enough. We love you Danny! - Brandt and Shawna

  2. As everyone has already stated this blog is so helpful keeping in the loop of Danny's progress. I do hope when Danny is released down the road and goes home, you keep the blog going for us out of state visitors to the blog.

    Since Trish called me to tell me about the accident, Danny's blog has built a life of its own, it has traveled all over the midwest, the southern states, and even to France. So many people that have never met Danny, have been praying for him and keeping Danny in their thoughts. As two of my grandsons stated the other night, time and the heavenly Father, along with family, friends, and friends he has yet to meet are united in a speedy recovery for Danny.

    Jude' Habben (Trish Eaton's mom)

  3. Wow, Matt gave me the blog address today, and I am glad you guys are doing this to keep all of his many friends in the loop. I cringe when I think of what he must be going through, but if ever there were someone tough enough to make it out the other end, its Danny. I don't think anyone who knows him would disagree. He's been in Heather's and my thoughts and we hope he keeps progressing with as few complications as possible. Does he have stuff to keep him busy in his room? Playstation, xbox, if he doesn't already have a laptop or is allowed to use one he's welcome to borrow mine, seriously... I assume needs like that may already be taken care of but if not, just let me know. Heather and I are happy to do whatever we can to be a part of his support.