Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday August 26th

Today Danny was disconnected from his I.V. and was thankful that it's one less thing he's dependent on. During his physical therapy he was given a timed balance test, which consisted of standing up from a chair and walking forward to a cone placed on the floor, go around the cone and sit back in the chair. It took him 30 seconds on his first try. He thought that was quite slow so he gave it another try and improved the time to 21 seconds. Now he'll need to improve on that time as he progresses.

He had Judy give him his iPhone to check messages and calls for the first time in 3 weeks. He seems to be able to handle it well and has decided to keep it with him, so I'm sure some of you have already received a text message.

He signed a check to take care of one of his accounts and the signature is not very recognizable even after a few practice runs. Each thing he tries to do seems to be like starting over from the very beginning.

Sleeping at night is still a challenge so he has agreed to use a sleeping aid tonight to see if the results will be favorable.

That is the progress report as far as I have been told. If I hear of any other events, updates will follow. For anyone who has read yesterdays posting, it has been updated a couple of times today. You might want to go back and check it out.


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