Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Two steps forward and one step back

Right now, Danny is doing good physically but his mental is getting messed with by the medications. I believe it's the pain meds that are causing hallucinating at this time. I just got back from an all nighter with him and he's going through some difficult things in his mind.

He is very limited on water intake because he is not swallowing like he should and the water ends up in the wrong place. It causes problems with choking and possible lung infection. He gets a few drops of water on a very small sponge but still has difficulty with it.

After the wound maintenance was done, I was told his grafts are coming along well and everything is fine with him physically. There is still one other surgery coming up in a week or so, and that should be the last.

The hospital staff let us know that they won't be allowing any visitors to see Danny for a few days, except for the family. We appreciate all the prayers and concern, and hope everything is well for everyone who is following this.


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