Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday so far

I went up to the hospital early this morning and Danny was still in bed doing his daily contortions. There is not a whole lot more that you can do when your eyes are all stitched shut and your arms are splinted straight out in front of you. It kind of reminds me of a movie I saw once. The movie was Saw III. That is the one where they think of the worst tortures that someone can do to people. It was breakfast time so I had to help him eat his breakfast. It is a real pain to eat when you can't see and you can't open your mouth as wide as you normally can. I had to feed him and I made a real mess. While we were finishing up breakfast, my dad showed up to help do wound care. Over the last couple of weeks, he and danny have figured out the best ways to do certain areas of his body. His arms require different care than his legs, his legs different than his ears, and his ears different than his butt cheeks. At this point, the standard way that the hospital staff does his bandages just doesn't cut it and even can make it worse because the bandages start to stick and rip skin off when they are removed. That is why my dad goes in to do the bandage care. He has developed the best custom techniques, even better than the trained professionals.

Anyway, we got done with breakfast and it was time for physical therapy. Right before it began, the doctor came in to assess the grafts on Danny's eyes. There was the possibility that the stitches could be taken out of his eyes sometime today. Unfortunately, the grafts didn't have quite enough color in them. The decision was made to leave his eyes stitched shut until sometime on Monday. Hopefully then the grafts will look good enough for him to be able to open his eyes again. Until then, Danny remains in a state of blindness and discomfort.

The other night while me and Debbie were staying with Danny, a kind of funny thing happened. There was a guy admitted to the burn unit down the hall from Danny. He had been involved in an accident where something had exploded and burned his face kind of bad. (nowhere nearly as bad as Danny's face had been burned). His whole family was there and a couple of girls were sobbing and a little frantic about their friend. At that point Danny needed to go to the bathroom. The nurse helped him out of bed and led him around the nurses desk. They had to pass the new guys room on the way to the bathroom. The hysterically crying girls saw him being led past their room and they got a look of horror on their faces. They also stopped crying about their friend and shut up for the rest of the night. I guess seeing a guy that got burned so bad that he had to take a needle and thread to his eyelids helped to give them a little perspective to the seriousness of the little blisters on the new guys face. It made me laugh a little bit. I know. I'm a jerk. But it was funny.

Danny gave us permission to put up a couple pictures of his face. One is how his eyes looked before the surgery, and you can see why he probably needed it. The others are of frankenstein.


  1. Im glad that Danny let you guys post some pics of him. He looks really good! And Trish was right... the freckles are gone- but its still totally Danny. :)

  2. He does look good. He'll come through this just fine. Hang in there Danny. Best wishes.