Thursday, September 3, 2009

Settling in for a routine

Danny and I spent most of the day together and I am learning what he needs and he's also learning what he needs. Some things we do to make him comfortable don't seem to work, so we try something else until we find what will work.

I'm thinking that progress will be difficult for me to see now that I'll be with Danny most of the time. I will rely on others and their reactions when they see him, to know of improvements.

He's been busy texting with folks or someone in particular, I don't know which and it's his business anyway. The point is, the latest technology is a great thing to keep a person's mind off of their problems for some of the time anyway.

Up dates may come less frequently now, so don't be surprised if you open the blog and see the same thing for two or three days. As noteworthy events happen, I'll be sure to inform all you folks who are concerned with Danny's health and well being.

Best wishes,


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