Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Heeeere's Danny!!

Yes folks, he's out of the hospital. In fact he's sitting about six feet to my left, in my grandmother's old reclining chair. (One of his favorite chairs.)

This afternoon at 3:00 we did wound care, then signed some papers, packed up what ever evidence was left and were out of there at 5:30. What a rotten time to leave the hospital. Rush hour traffic!!! We made it home in much less than record time, but made it home none the less.

One thing Danny mentioned to me is how nice it is to be in a quiet room for a change. His condition is still fragile and weak. His injuries were much improved from the last time I did wound care on Sunday. We'll be going back for check ups every three or four days for the next few months, starting Friday morning.

What was fun during the last few minutes in the hospital today, was the staff member with her progress sheet and disbelief asking: "Is this right, he's going home on his 29th day?" I had to explain to her that indeed he is a Danny Boy Wonder.

Maybe for the next posting, I can get our guest of honor to say a few words on his own behalf. After all, that's why we're here reading this droll stuff that I keep putting up, just waiting for an utterance from the man of the hour, Danny.


Just a little post script here. I see that we have a request on yesterday's comments for an address where you can send Danny Boy a card or come to visit. Sorry I didn't include that before. We're at 257 E 600 N, Kaysville, UT 84037. Knock twice and wait for the creaky door to open, or you can simply ring the doorbell.


  1. Welcome home Danny!! Wooooohooooo!

  2. Kaysville zip code is 84037 correct? My mom will be asking.

  3. Yes Trish, that is the Zip. I added it on the posting too.

    Thanks to the person who corrected my spelling on the title of this post. We're pretty sure we know who it was. ;-)

  4. Yeah Danny!!! Hope your first night out of "jail" was a good one!!!

  5. Welcome Home Danny! Here's to a speedy recovery :)