Friday, September 4, 2009

It's been one month today

One month ago today Danny's family and friends were worried and concerned, and many of them were on the fourth floor of the U Med Center. That day will always be in our memories much like other events in history.

Today, he and I were once again on the fourth floor for his first check up since being released. Everything is healing up nicely even though a couple of areas are still extremely painful. We learned a few techniques of how to make wound care a bit more bearable. More lotion and less greasy goo will do the job on much of his wounds now. Less greasy goo means not as much sticking to the bandages and clothing. He has a very colorful description of what the intensity of his pain is. On the areas that give him the most trouble, he says it feels like someone is pulling duct tape off of the worst sunburn you can imagine and at the same time slapping it as hard as possible. I suppose it must hurt some.

Danny has been up and fairly active all day long since 8:00 this morning, and is still here visiting with Brant and Shawna as I am writing this. We have his big screen set up here and the Wii games were on earlier, then the wake board videos entertained those interested for awhile. I mentioned that all the diversion of his friends and relatives may have kept his mind off the pain some, and he pretty much agreed.

Generally it's been a good day for Danny from what I've observed. Now Judy is doing some wound care on his ears and then we'll call it a day. Good night everyone.


I suppose we are now paying for the good day we had yesterday. It's early Saturday morning, and we haven't had much sleep because Danny has been restless and unable to sleep soundly.

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  1. good to hear that the hospital check up went well! i have a sunburn right now so thinking about someone pulling off duct tape and slapping me makes me wanna cry... but danny's a little tougher than i am. :)