Monday, May 16, 2011

Sayonara Phantom

Just as Christmas was the day that I decided to allow myself to be done wearing the compression garments on my torso and legs (My Christmas present to myself), today, being my 35th birthday, will be the official day that I am calling it quits on wearing my mask (My Birthday gift I'm giving to myself). It has actually been since the 8th that I have worn it but this will help me to remember when I stopped wearing it officially. I just needed a test run to see if it was actually time.
It's weird to look at something that has been a part of everyday life for almost 19 months and feel that it's time to say goodbye. This however is one break up that won't depress me. I have designated a spot on a shelf in my living room that my plastic face will live for a while and I hope that seeing it will remind me of how fortunate I am and how far I've come since my accident. it may end up in a box with the rest of my scar management gear if it proves to be a source of bad memories.

I really have to say thanks to everyone in my life that has given me so much support and encouraging words throughout my recovery. It truly is a miracle that the scarring on my face and head isn't worse than it is. Knowing that the doctors didn't give me the best odds of keeping my nose in the early stages, and the fact that my ears don't look like shriveled prunes really is remarkable. I think that I am probably the only one that can tell that they look different compared to what they looked like prior to the explosion.

There are a few thoughts and pictures that I've been considering whether to post on this Blog, but I still don't know if the words would come out right or if the pictures would serve any purpose.

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  1. I say post 'em!! (You don't have to if you don't want to).