Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Danny is healing well. He even attempted his first snowboarding outing on New Years Eve. We took my three boys night skiing (so Danny could avoid the sun) for a few hours. It was really low key, but fun to just get out. The kids asked Danny how the outing ranked on a scale of 1 to 10. He gave it a 2--but hey that's a start!

The plastic mask wouldn't fit under his helmet so he opted for the cloth one. His goggles and neck gator disguised him pretty well. The temperature dipped into the teens after the sun went down which made his arms stiffen up a bit but over all he looked like he had a good time.



  1. I'm so impressed! I hope to meet the courageous and adventurous Danny soon in real life.

  2. Catherine - thank you for posting. It's good to see Danny back in his element - even if it's still a little low on the fun scale.

    Danny - You are the man! I'm sure I still can't keep up with you, even with your serious injuries.

  3. How can anything involving Catherine only be a 2?!!!! :)

  4. Yay for Danny- That's great news!!! Winter wouldn't be the same without seeing Danny in his snowboarding jacket. It is officially snowboarding season. :)

  5. I'll let the boys know - they keep asking when you'll be back to snowboarding - they keep getting better and I'm not good enough to impress them anymore. Only Danny. Let us know when your up for some daytime boarding. Sorry -I'm not tough enough for the nite stuff - too cold.